Looking for a good book?

Hello, and welcome to our corner of the internet.

Some of us are Well Trained Mind Mamas. Others are Charlotte Mason Mamas. Still, others are Wild and Free Mamas. Regardless of what kind of Mama we are, or want to be, we all have one thing in common; we love a good and beautiful book. We are constantly searching for books that move, motivate, inspire and teach. We want to read them and share them with our families. So when we can’t get the real paper in our hands, we turn to electronics.

The Living Books Library is for the latter. It gives us easy access to books we could never find or maybe afford due to their rare or collectable nature. They are books available in the public domain. You may find them elsewhere, but these have been digitally cleaned and presented in their original condition and typeface for your enjoyment. At The Living Books Library, you don't just own a book, you own a piece of history.

We cherish the antique illustrations in these publications as wells as their illustrators. We believe that they give us a window into a time period and a place in the world. So we also keep a collection of beautiful antique illustrations to download for your personal use. We like to use them in our homeschool studies and for crafts.

On a personal note, we believe that there is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving. So a portion of all sales is donated cheerfully because sharing is caring.

So, have a look around and be sure to read the page excerpts included in each listing. They will help you to decide if the book is right for you. But above all, keep searching for that perfect book!